Tuesdays with Morrowind

I feel like I have enough obligatory structure in my weekly social calendar that when I have an honest to god free afternoon, it is time to game.  There is no such thing as not having plans.  There is only Fallout time, and Not Fallout time (replace this with any of the following: Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Rockband, probably more I’m forgetting about because backward compatibility is rolling out at the speed of sloth coitus, and I am a busy woman.)

I shudder to incur the wrath of its name based on SEO alone, never mind the Beetlejuice nature of the term, compounded with how fucking lazy it is to just add the word ‘gate’ to the end of a random word to denote some sort of scandal, but here we go…

This is what really went up my ass about the whole red herring bitch baby clusterfuck that was (was. Please let it be dead.) Gamergate. I feel like by the time major news outlets were aware of whatever THAT was, it was like the end of the Lord of the Flies. Ethics in game journalism is the new severed pigs head, and you should all be ashamed of yourselves.


Listen, bitch babies, I agree. Gaming is sacred. But not just for you. It circles back to the whole pattern of ‘if I’ve never encountered a phenomenon, it doesn’t exist’ mentality. You have no concept of the community if you seriously think the gaming industry is just for Cheetle ridden white dudes with aggression issues and tacky sartorial taste. This goes for people outside the community too.  Its a damaging stereotype no matter which way you slice it so lets just stop and put our collective efforts towards something positive, like making Half Life 3 happen.

Because, to get back to my original point, gaming is important. Making time for any hobby you sincerely enjoy and immerse yourself in is important. Its ok if you’re not creating something.  Time enjoyed is never time wasted y’all.  So yes, in my off time when I am not socially or vocationally engaged, I am a Gamer™.  I’m also a 29 year old woman with other things she could be doing, but gaming is what I want to do.  And you know, its kind of shitty to have one of the few things you sincerely know about yourself be questioned by multiple factions for no other reason than a thinly veiled attempt to assert some sort of superiority based on a fucking hobby.

I’m just saying if the plethora of RPG weapon building skills I’ve acquired over the years had any basis in reality, there’d be trouble. The trouble being me wrestling with the conflicting ideologies of pacifism and ‘pulling this trigger will definitely make you stop talking.’

And that, friends, is why you will never see me play an MMO, or seriously blog about games, or get involved with the industry.  At the end of the day, for the love of god, I just want gaming to be fun. It doesn’t make me any less a part of what gamer culture is just because I’m not constantly putting myself out there for it.


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