Parenthetical Temporal Décor

I would apologize for the unintentional, inexplicable hiatus, but the only people who read this I talk to semi regularly so lets just not. (Also lets not pretend there is an inherent mystery here.  Fallout 4 was released in November.  Go on, solve that puzzle.)

First, can we just all agree that January 2016 is best remembered as a bizarre fever dream? Seriously, what a shit show. I feel like Death went on a bender and took my sanity along with them. Like who the fuck opened a cursed tomb? (Looking at you, white dude archeologists.)

Serendipitously my favorite human being celebrated crowning into her third decade so I at least had the best of distractions in place, ensuring that her precious cinnamon bum had the party of her dreams on a night where her subconscious was somehow aware of my financials. It was a good time. A good. Time. (Truly, a good time.)

Recently I’ve felt a renewed energy to actually get things done. More so than usual anyway. The ‘Get Your Shit Together’ Express hasn’t completely derailed for at least a month now and I will take what I can get. I suppose its due in part to my own tri decade crowning event approaching. Just let that visual sink in. A beautiful blonde head of hair popping out of spacetime. There’s a joke about ripping the fabric in there somewhere, but I’ll save that until I’ve finally procured my tubal ligation (My 30th birthday present to myself, provided my insurance isn’t complete shit.)

Of course, this all hinges on me putting on my big girl pants and going to the doctor.


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